Crossbow killer victim Louise Hunt's heartbreaking last words before she was murdered

It was thought Louise and Kyle were previously romantically linked, with the 25-year-old sharing a tweet about praising women who leave
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One of the daughter's of BBC commentator John Hunt who was tragically killed in a crossbow attack yesterday posted a tragic final social media post before she died.

Louise Hunt, 25, was killed alongside her 28-year-old sister Hannah and her mum Carol, 61, in a gruesome assault at their home in Bushey, Hertfordshire.

Police believe they all sustained fatal injuries and were discovered by Mr Hunt.

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The suspect, 26-year-old Kyle Clifford, was urgently sought by authorities on Wednesday after the grim discovery, with law enforcement emphasising he could be dangerous and possibly armed. An eyewitness claimed he was located by a graveyard, close to his place of residence in Enfield, the previous evening.

It is believed Louise and Kyle had been in a relationship, corroborated by Louise' old's poignant last Twitter post about the bravery of "women who leave" and showing "strength".

She retweeted a statement which said: "I admire women who leave. idgaf if you left after the 1st time or the 12th time I admire that s--t! idgaf if ppl was calling you dumb for 11 years but in the 12th year you decided you was done.

"It takes ALOT of strength to break a tie. It takes ALOT of self love to choose yo self," continued the forwarded tweet.

Prior to this tragedy, there were clear indications of anguish over her relationship ending, including an incident where Louise had a car crash, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Neighbour Glyn Nicholas, 77, shared a poignant memory with MailOnline about the victim Louise: "Louise was a very nice girl. She ran a dog grooming business from the house. I heard that she split from a boyfriend last week and was very upset about it. So much so that she was driving home at some point last week and drove into a wooden telegraph pole not far from the house."

Glyn then detailed the aftermath of the worrying incident: "Another dog groomer - who is a friend of Louise's - told me that her car door had caved in because of the crash.

"Who the boyfriend was, I don't know, I never saw him.."

Carol, Hannah, and Louise were found fatally injured at their home after emergency crews, including dual air ambulances, arrived just before 7pm. Though they were alive when the emergency services found them, the trio sadly died shortly after.

There's speculation that John, having been at work covering BBC racing during the day, may have stumbled upon the distressing scene upon his return and raised the alarm.

Kyle Clifford remains admitted to hospital care after being discovered in a graveyard following an extensive search operation. He sustained injuries before he was located in Lavendell Hill Cemetery in Enfield, north London, on Wednesday afternoon; subsequently, he was transported to a major trauma centre.

A school friend of Louise spoke to BBC News, recalling her as "always a positive person" and admitted he couldn't recall "anything bad to say about her".

Neighbour Su Kehinde, aged 60, who placed flowers at an impromptu memorial on Wednesday, described the family: "They were the loveliest, gentlest family."

Kehinde went on to say, "They were the meekest human beings. They did not deserve this. They were beautiful souls."

April, Hannah's 32 year old daughter, remembered her mother fondly, saying that Hannah "always had a smile" and was known for being "hard-working, a hard grafter and really gentle".

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