Crowds in London bid final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II

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On the day of Queen Elisabeth II's final farewell, the emotion was palpable in London, as the crowd along the procession waited to catch a glimpse of her coffin.

"I was in tears. I feel happy now. I’ve got through it. We’ll never say anything like that again,” said one person in the crowd.

Another person said: "We all loved her terribly. We will miss her, but she will never be forgotten. And this is a great send-off. Isn’t it wonderful, lovely?”

And it wasn’t only people from the UK mourning the former monarch. People came from all over the world to watch the procession.

One woman from the US said, "I think for me it was a much-needed closure in such a beautiful pageantry form that we don’t see over in the states but for me, it’s helping to heal the heart."

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