The Crown season 3 trailer: Olivia Colman makes debut as Queen in acclaimed Netflix series

Ellie Harrison

Netflix has finally dropped the first full trailer for season three of The Crown, starring Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II.

The Oscar-winning actor takes over the lead role from Claire Foy and can be seen in the new trailer below entering the swinging sixties against the backdrop of protestors and a cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “The Times They Are A-Changin’”.

“This country was still great when I came to the throne,” the monarch says. “All that’s happened on my watch is the place has fallen apart.”

Helena Bonham Carter can also be seen in action as the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret, insisting that the monarchy serves to “paper over the cracks” of a broken society.

And fans can catch a first glimpse of Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip and Josh O’Connor as a grown-up Prince Charles.

The Crown season three begins on Netflix on 17 November.