Cruel vandal 'beheads' knitted figures of the king placed on a postbox toppers in Worcester

A callous vandal has caused outrage by going around "beheading" knitted figures of the King placed on postbox toppers in a city. Julia Edwards had created the special King's Coronation topper on Northwick Road, in Worcester, which was loved by children walking to school. But the yarnbomber was left devastated to find a cruel vandal had cut the heads off the King, Queen Consort and royal guard figures. A walker discovered the damage with the heads left strewn across the road and cans of alcohol discarded nearby. They were collected and fixed back onto the topper - only for the King's head to be chopped off again this week. Julia, who spends two weeks at a time creating the toppers, said: "When you are using a big part of your spare time to make these for them to be destroyed - it’s devastating "I found out about the vandalism on Facebook. "I also had a phone call from a friend and a message from a child I used to look after telling me there had been some damage. "A bit of damage wasn’t unusual, sometimes children are allowed to pull and tug at the toppers, but the photos of this really purposeful destruction were devastating and the final straw to doing this all single-handed. "In the past, I have had two toppers stolen - one Christmas nativity scene and a Halloween topper. "Most sets of toppers end up with some damage, but it’s generally from smaller children pulling and tugging to try to get figures off. "I’d say I was saddened that they felt the need to do this, and I still don’t really understand why anyone would." Julia makes special toppers on several postboxes in the area which delight residents and children making their way to Northwick Manor Primary School. One mum, who has a young daughter at the school, added: "It left my daughter distraught to see the King figure had been decapitated. "It really cheered residents and the kids up seeing these wonderful creations. You just can't have anything nice anymore. It's just really sad to see."