Cruise Ship Pool Becomes 'Waterfall' as Vessel Swerves to Avoid Raft Spotted in Sea

Passengers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship had to avoid getting drenched by an unexpected “waterfall” when the vessel made what was described as a “hard turn” to avoid a raft while at sea on January 3.

The maneuver saw one of the ship’s pools overflow, with footage from passenger Eloy Perez showing water cascading down six decks of the Harmony of the Seas cruise ship, creating what he called a “waterfall” aboard the cruise liner. The water landed on deck eight of the ship. reported that the incident occurred as the ship was navigating the Straits of Florida.

Speaking to Newsweek, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson said that the cruise ship “maneuvered to provide assistance” to the raft, which turned out to be empty.

The move did, however, cause an overflow issue with one of the ship’s pools, of which the spokesperson added, “this was immediately managed and cleaned up by our crew, and there were no injuries or any damage.” Credit: Eloy Perez via Storyful

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