Crushing the ‘saboteurs’ in Turkey and the UK | Letters

The front pages of UK newspapers after Theresa May’s snap election call. Reader Lee Bridges sees worrying parallels in attempts to silence dissent in Turkey and Britain. Photograph: Daniel Sorabji/AFP/Getty Images

There are indeed striking similarities between the political situations in Turkey and the UK (Editorial, 19 April). In both countries massive constitutional changes have been approved by wafer-thin majorities in referendums, following dubious and dishonest electoral tactics by supporters of the winning sides. In the aftermath, the changes have been portrayed as the “democratic will of the people” and an overwhelming mandate for rejecting the EU in its entirety, with those questioning these changes in any way labelled as traitors and saboteurs. And now Theresa May is seeking the type of autocratic power and silencing of all opposition to her plans (not just for a hard Brexit but divisive schemes such as new grammar schools and increased privatisation of the NHS as well) that mirror the ambitions of Turkey’s President Erdoğan.
Lee Bridges
Ilmington, Warwickshire

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