The Cry: 6 HUGE questions after ep 3's stunning twist

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Note: This article contains spoilers for The Cry episodes 1-3.

Have you picked your jaw up from the floor following the shock twist at the end of episode three of The Cry yet?

After glimpses of Joanna (Jenna Coleman) in court throughout the earlier episodes, we'd all assumed that she was charged with the death of baby Noah, but – gasp – it turns out she's on trial for the murder of partner Alistair (Ewen Leslie).

So how does Joanna end up accused of Alistair's murder? He's already showed his true gaslighting colours when he manipulated both Jo and ex-wife Alex (Asher Keddie), but what did he do that finally pushed Jo over the edge?

And can we even be sure she did kill him – after all, even his own mother looks disgusted enough with Alistair's hideous behaviour to do something drastic with a kitchen knife.

Here are the questions bothering us after episode three, and a few theories…

1. Where is baby Noah?

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It's clear now that Noah was never snatched, and instead he died at some point during Alistair and Joanna's journey, either on the long plane ride from Scotland or on the road from Melbourne to Wilde Bay.

But where is his body?

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The couple still had Noah with them when they arrived at their rented cottage, but then Alistair took the body away in a sports bag, and buried his son somewhere. He told Jo that he had buried him by a tree on a beach he went to as a child. But has he?

At the beginning of episode three, we're shown a tree in darkness and then it becomes daylight, and it's the roadside location where they first discover Noah is dead. Is the fact we see it at night significant? Did Alistair go back and bury Noah there?

Or could he have dumped Noah's body on the building site Alistair wakes up alongside in his car later in the episode? He's already shown he is prepared to make Jo feel that their baby's death is her fault, so did he bury the baby somewhere it would be easily discovered to put all the blame on his wife?

2. Who has betrayed Jo?

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"I was betrayed," Jo tells a court psychologist, but doesn't reveal who betrays her, or about what. Is she talking about Alistair? He certainly looks like he is going to betray her, even telling Jo that going to prison "is not part of my story". Could he be so determined to avoid jail that he will set his wife up for the crime instead, and Jo has realised his plan?

Or does someone else (maybe Alex or daughter Chloe, or one of the strangers speculating on the internet) figure out what has happened and tells the police Jo killed her son?

Of course, it could be that the betrayal is about Alistair's death, rather than Noah's. One theory is that Jo doesn't kill him herself (though, we wouldn't blame her if she had) and is betrayed by the person who did.

Certainly Alex would have good reason to kill her ex-husband, since they are fighting over custody of Chloe, and she admits in court she was furious at him when she was suspected of kidnapping Noah. Or maybe Jo and Alex killed him together, only for Alex to turn Jo in for the crime?

3. Why did Alex buy a spade and keep it in her car?

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Ex-wife Alex may be a keen gardener and have the shovel and compost in her car ready to plant some pretty roses… or maybe she's been planning to murder Alistair and bury him under the patio, Brookside-style, all along.

With the show's twisting timelines, can we really be sure she bought the spade before Alistair and Jo turned up? Perhaps she got it after Alistair's murder so she could hide his body… or (horrible thought ahead) did she buy it to help her ex-husband bury his baby son?

4. Just what do Alex and Jo see in Alistair?

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With gaslighting being talked about in the news recently, it is interesting to see a creepily realistic depiction of it on screen. Alistair's controlling ways and conviction that he is in the right has driven Alex to drink, while his heartless instructions to Jo on how she should behave for the cameras is truly chilling.

The biggest puzzle is what either of them saw in Alistair in the beginning. Alex was his childhood sweetheart so was likely to be too young to realise his true nature, while Jo was somewhat swept off her feet by his pursuit of her.

It was only in the most recent episode that both women finally began to fight back against his manipulation, with Alex standing up to her ex and revealing what we all know – "You're the world's best liar" – while Jo also stood her ground and threw him out of their hotel room when he told her she was poisonous.

Did we mention that we don't mind that someone has killed him?

5. Did Alistair kill Noah?

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It seems likely that Noah did die from being given the wrong medicine on the plane. Jo had decanted her medicine and the baby's into unlabelled 100ml bottles for the flight (darn those pesky airport liquid rules) and she remembers tasting the medicine on the plane to make sure she gave Noah the right one.

But when she explains this to Alistair, he tells Jo: "You can't trust your memory. You were exhausted and stressed on the plane, you were out of your head with fatigue." Jo is sure she did the right thing, but Alistair is determined to make her believe she can't trust her own memory of the flight.

"You know I don't blame you," he says shiftily, and we later see him burn the yellow bib that may have evidence of the medicine on it. Does he do that because, when he finally looked after the baby on the plane while Jo was resting, he was the one who gave the fatal dose?

6. Will Jo be found guilty of Alistair's murder?

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We wouldn't put it past Alistair to have one final lie up his sleeve, but it is possible Jo finally snapped and killed him. If so, how did she do it, and will she go to prison for murdering him?

All will no doubt be revealed when The Cry concludes next Sunday (October 21) at 9pm on BBC One.

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