Crystal Palace boss Sam Allardyce knows right way to win, says Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy
AFP/Getty Images

When I was younger, I was critical of certain approaches to football. While I still prefer to watch attractive football, I now have huge admiration for managers who can vary their plan depending on the players they have and still get results.

Both Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce have this skill. I know Sam has not had everything his own way since he took charge of Palace, but I would still back him to keep them in the Premier League.

The older you get, the more football you watch, and the more you appreciate clever managers. Allardyce and Pulis manage to find weaknesses in the opposition, while also being difficult to beat.

They make sure their own sides are well drilled and well organised.

When they look at the opposition, they might spot one of the full-backs is smaller than the rest of the defence and they target him accordingly.

It sounds obvious but it isn’t, otherwise all managers would be as successful as they have been. There is not a right or wrong way to play football. There is the right way to win a game and, in the end, that is what you are judged by.