A fan wearing a bucket on his head was injured by a falling Wrigley Field scoreboard pin

A fan was injured at the Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field on Tuesday when a piece of Wrigley’s famous green scoreboard fell off and hit him on the head. But he could have been more seriously injured if hadn’t been wearing a bucket on his head, which provided some protection from the falling debris.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the 19-year-old fan was struck by a falling score tile, though the Cubs later clarified that a metal scoreboard pin is what actually fell down onto the fan.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green told the Tribune that the fan had a cut on his head, and was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center where he had five staples to close the wound. Green also said that the plastic bucket the fan was wearing on his head helped shield him.  

A 6-8 inch metal pin fell off the Wrigley Field scoreboard on Tuesday and injured a fan who was wearing a bucket on his head. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

This story is missing just one thing: any information at all about the guy watching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field while wearing a bucket on his head, because I have a million questions. Why was he wearing it? Was he part of a club or fan group? Was he afraid of getting hit by a baseball? Was this voluntary? Was it for decoration? Was it a drunken impulse? Did he lose a bet?

And those are just about why he was wearing it, that doesn’t even cover questions about the bucket itself. Was it one of those candy buckets that we see players wear?

Or was it a bucket like the Bucket Boyz use?

What is the bucket’s purpose when it’s not a hat? Was it thick plastic or thin? And seriously, why was he wearing a bucket on his head!?

Regardless of why he was wearing it, doing so apparently saved him from being injured more seriously than he was. Green told the Tribune that nothing like this has happened before with the scoreboard, and that team officials are investigating how and why it happened. Until they figure it out, issuing buckets to fans sitting in that area of the stadium might not be the worst idea.

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