Cultural Capital episode 14: watch our show on the best of London’s arts and culture

·1-min read

Welcome to the latest episode of Cultural Capital.

This week, instead of mourning the loss of the Notting Hill Carnival for the second year running, we went to see some of the artists who will be bringing it to us in other ways - carnival musicians who are playing a series of Caribbean-themed gigs at Notting Hill’s near-neighbours, Opera Holland Park.

In addition, we’re visiting the Wellcome Collection on Euston Road for Thing of the week, and I’ll be reviewing Sabaya, a hugely important new documentary that sheds a stark light on the heroism of extraordinary, everyday people working to free women from captivity in Syria. In a week when the plight of women and girls in Afghanistan is a cause for real concern, it’s a horribly timely moment for Hogir Hirori’s new documentary to be released.


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