Cultural Capital episode 29: we look back on the best of London’s arts and culture in 2021

·1-min read

Welcome to Cultural Capital - the Working From Home edition.

But rather than wallowing in what a monumentally rubbish year it’s been (again), we’re choosing, as ever, to be grateful for the amazing arts and culture that London has managed to create over the past six months, from stunning theatrical adaptations of our favourite novels to exhibitions by some of our greatest contemporary artists; from magical film musicals to weird and wonderful Westerns. This is our last episode of the year and as we crawl towards the mince pies we’re looking back on just a few of the wonderful, funny, moving, disturbing and altogether brilliant things we’ve been able to see in this extraordinary city.

With thanks to everyone who has made things and shared them with us - it’s been a tough year but we are eternally grateful. Your work keeps the rest of us going.

And London, we love you. See you next year.

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