Cultural Capital: a stroll through Hockney’s garden and why The Death of a Black Man is coming to Hampstead

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Welcome to the second edition of Cultural Capital, our new YouTube show bringing you the best of London’s arts and culture.

This week, as the weather FINALLY perks up, we’re clinging to the last breath of spring, so today we’re at the Royal Academy’s new David Hockney exhibition, of iPad pictures made last year in the idyllic setting of his home in Normandy, capturing the shifting season.

We’re talking to the trailblazing theatre director Dawn Walton about why she’s reviving the great Alfred Fagon’s 1975 play The Death of a Black Man at the Hampstead Theatre, and we take a look at Disney’s latest big movie Cruella, the flamboyant and somewhat revisionist origin story of everyone’s favourite dalmatian-hater Cruella De Vil, set in Seventies London at the birth of punk.

Plus, we’re putting another intriguing object from one of London’s amazing museum collections under the spotlight in Thing of the Week.

Cultural Capital will be broadcast weekly on YouTube

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