Cumbria: Plans for UK's first deep coal mine in 30 years thrown into doubt after local council reconsiders application

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Plans for a new coal mine in Cumbria have been thrown into doubt after the local authority said it would think again about the move following widespread criticism.

Cumbria County Council said it would reconsider the planning application by West Cumbria Mining for the project near Whitehaven after new information had come to light.

The local council had previously approved the application for the UK's first deep coal mine operation in 30 years.

A spokesperson said: "This decision has been taken because in December 2020, the Government's Climate Change Committee released its report on its recommendations for the Sixth Carbon Budget, a requirement under the Climate Change Act.

"The report, among other things, sets out the volume of greenhouse gases the UK aims to emit during 2033-2037.

"This new information has been received prior to the issue of the formal decision notice on the application. In light of this the council has decided that the planning application should be reconsidered by the Development Control and Regulation (DC&R) Committee."