Cumbrian entertains a-list stars with hilarious story on Graham Norton Show

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STORY: Claire from Cumbria on Graham Norton's famous big red chair
STORY: Claire from Cumbria on Graham Norton's famous big red chair

A CUMBRIAN assistant psychologist entertained a-list guests with her hilarious visit to the infamous Big Red Chair on the The Graham Norton Show.

Claire, originally from Cumbria, amused Oscar-winning director, Pedro Almodóvar, X-men star James McAvoy, and singer, Ella Henderson, with her story involving some stolen transgenic mice.

Claire, who lives in London, works as an assistant psychologist in an adolescent hospital, and paid a visit to the 16th episode of this season's hit BBC show.

The armchair has been the downfall of many an audience member who bare their most cringe secrets to Graham's notable guests.

At the end of the show, Claire revealed a bizarre turn of events involving her PhD research project in Italy.

She said: "Okay so this happened many moons ago when I was a PhD student in Milan, Italy and my research project was to make transgenic mice which in the mid-90s was a new technology.

"So I worked really hard for three years and finally I had my transgenic mice and I just had just to analyse them - a couple of months work and I was done.

"But the company I worked for was having some problems and made some people redundant.

"Anyway I go into work, looking for my mice and they’re not there so I say where are they and they said one of the technicians that had been made redundant had stolen them and fed them to his pet snake.

"So my PHD was eaten by a snake."

James McAvoy then questioned if the snake attained superpowers after eating the transgenic mice.

The Graham Norton Show is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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