21 Cupcake Ideas Your Kids Will Gobble Up In Two Seconds Flat

Alison Coldridge
Editor Yahoo Style UK
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Let’s face it, cupcakes are waaaay easier to make than ridiculously complex four-tier bakes. And they’re more of a child-friendly size, too.

Perfect for parties (or school bake sales), these tempting treats will go down a storm with kids – and win over the 18+ crowd, too.

1. Muppets Cupcakes
Let’s be honest, any cupcake with an OREO in it is fine by us – and pretty much any child ever.


2. Elsa Cupcake Dress
This has the be the ultimate Frozen cake and no baking tins or tiers are required!


3. Minion Cupcakes
OH SO SWEET. What child wouldn’t love these little guys?

[Eats Amazing]

4. Hot Air Balloon Cupcake
So simple yet so effective. Even the most amateur baker could throw this cute cupcake compilation together. Well, probably.


5. Beatrix Potter Cupcakes
Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck and Jeremy Fisher put in an appearance in this incredibly professional looking Beatrix Potter cupcakes. Stunning.


6. Harry Potter Cupcakes
You can practically hear John Williams’ theme tune when you look at these Harry Potter cupcakes. They’re THAT good. 


7. Burger Cupcakes
Go with it. These don’t actually taste like burgers – they just look like them. Genius.


8. Gruffalo Cupcakes
Perfect for all of those chocolate-loving pint-sized Gruffalo fans out there.


9. Bee Cupcakes
Another design that isn’t actually all that complex to make, rope your preschooler into making these adorable cupcakes with you.  


10. Spiderman Cupcakes
Peter Parker himself would be proud of these bad boys.


11. Rainbow Cupcakes
LOVE THESE. And another simple creation that will blow you tot’s mind.


12. Monsters, Inc. Cupcakes
Fans of Sully, Mike and the gang will love chowing down on these oh-so-cute cupcakes.

[Baked Vanilla]

13. Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Cake
Another brilliant cake made from cupcakes. A winner at children’s birthday parties.


14. Toy Story Cupcakes
These are the best looking aliens we’ve ever laid eyes on.

[Family Go]

15. Butterfly Cupcakes
The classic cupcake with a jelly butterfly chucked on for fun. Yum.

[Half Hour Meals]

16. Sheep Cupcakes
Don’t worry if the cake itself looks s***, you can cover any hashes up with marshmallows.

[Land Of Lakes]

17. Dinosaur Cupcakes
Is it just us that wants these at our next birthday party?

[Laura Marielm Hubpage]

18. TMNT Cupcakes
That’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Obvs.

[Stock Piling Mums]

19. Fish Cupcakes
Thankfully these don’t taste like fish, they just look like them.

[Two Sisters Crafting]

20. Ice Cream Cupcake Cake
This ALMOST looks too good to eat. Almost.

[Life As A Lighthouse]

21. Lego Cupcakes
Possibly the coolest cupcakes ever. Who wouldn't want Lego cupcakes?


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