Curious cat perplexed after finding hidden camera in home

This was the moment a baffled cat in a Taiwanese home discovered a hidden camera that had been watching over it on March 18.

Footage shows two-year-old Kuku discovering the hidden cat camera for the first time and proceeding with apt caution.

Kuku scopes out the situation for a couple of minutes before eventually plucking up the courage to inspect closer with her paws and eventually her nose.

Kuku's owner told Newsflare: "Most cats deliberately knock things on the ground but she never does.

"She always tiptoes around everything to make sure nothing’s damaged.

"Her way of discovering the world is by curiously sniffing around until she summons enough courage to touch it.

"She’s the sweetest cat ever.

"Our couch is never scratched and no flower pots were ever on the ground, I’m so lucky to have her."