Curious Cat Tries to Swipe Quesadilla From Owner's Plate

A curious kitty in Michigan fancied a taste of some quesadilla, and attempted to grab the delicious delicacy straight from her owner’s plate.

Footage by Evelyn Gaitan shows her rescue cat Ponyo trying to swipe some of her dinner while she ate in the living room her of Houghton Lake home.

She told Storyful that Ponyo is a one-and-a-half-year-old rescue cat, and is “very curious” about anything she is eating.

“Without fail, she will just appear next to me staring intensely at my meal. She never actually swipes anything. Just gives it little pats until I break and give her a little piece,” Gaitan said.

She added that Ponyo “sadly” didn’t get a piece of the quesadilla, as she is a fan of hot sauces, and “would never do that” to her feline friend. Credit: Evelyn Gaitan via Storyful

Video transcript


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