Curious giraffe stops couple in their tracks and begins nuzzling them in incredible close encounter

A couple in South Africa were stopped in their tracks by a curious giraffe who wanted to smell them. Timmy and his girlfriend Tazz were cycling through Lion and Safari Park near Johannesburg when a giraffe approached them and began nuzzling the duo on April 24. Timmy managed to capture the incredible encounter on his 360-degree camera which was position over his shoulder as the giant animal bent over to sniff him. He told Newsflare: "I had just moved to South Africa from America and my girlfriend took me mountain biking at a safari called Lion and Safari Park. "We were two hours into the ride when we spotted a herd of seven giraffes. The one featured in the video stood in the road for about an hour and we finally decided to creep around her. "I had my 360 camera over my shoulder as I approached and she decided to come over to sniff my helmet. "I was looking down the whole time as I was in shock from her size and could feel her breath. "She was so gentle and gave us a moment I'll never forget.