Curious Koala Crawls Into Gas Station and Climbs Employee

A koala wandered into a gas station and climbed an employee in Woodside, South Australia, on Saturday, March 5.

Video recorded by James Paparella shows the curious marsupial calmly wondering around inside the gas station. Paparella told Storyful that he and his colleagues kept the koala inside the store to avoid traffic and called animal rescue.

“[We] had him behind the counter, well looked after with water, air conditioning and company,” Paparella said.

Volunteer wildlife rescuer Jemma Manfre told local media that the koala was “pretty chill” and sitting in a service area behind the counter.

“She was just sitting on the floor and probably quite a young koala,” she said to Yahoo News Australia.

Manfre said the animal was released around 500 metres away from the gas station. Credit: James Paparella via Storyful