Curious orca breaks away from pod to check out tourist boat in Gulf of California

Beautiful... just beautiful! That is the only way to describe this video. Shared by Evans Baudin, this underwater footage shows a curious killer whale taking special interest in the filmer's boat by swimming right under it. "I am an operator in Cabo San Lucas who organizes ocean safaris and 'big animal expeditions,'" Evans said. "That day, I received a call from fishermen telling me that orcas were in the area. After an hour of looking for them, we finally found them."It was a pod of six very curious orcas that I had already encountered a few weeks before. We spent the next few hours observing, interacting with them, and taking ID photos to help science better understand their movements in the Gulf of California."The filmer further talked about the whale featured in this video, which he described as the most curious one out of the pod. He also said that she ended up staying with the tourists for long minutes before swimming away.Name: Evans BaudinLocation: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Filmed on: 2022-06-17WooGlobe Ref : WGA187096