The current state of coronavirus in Wales as new variant circulates

It's been more than four years since the coronavirus pandemic first plunged Wales into lockdown. A year into the pandemic, as the vaccine began to be distributed, it became clear that while we could overcome the pandemic the virus would linger for years.

From that point Covid has been managed like a seasonal virus, often peaking concurrently with the winter flu. By March it seemed the winter peak had subsided with cases in Welsh hospitals significantly decreasing.

However at the beginning of May we saw an increase in the number of people in hospital with coronavirus in Wales as the new variant FLiRT began to circulate. As there is no testing regime for the general public in Wales what is going on in hospitals is a good indication of how much the virus is circulating in our communities.

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In the seven days leading up to May 5 a total of 53 people were admitted to hospital with coronavirus. This is around the same number of admissions that were being made in the month of February following a peak of 113 admissions a week at the end of December.

In April just 16 admissions were made in the seven days leading up to April 20 showing just how much of a rise there had been in case admissions. There was also a rise in the number of people already in hospital picking up the virus. In the seven days up to May 5 a total of 66 people tested positive with hospital-acquired coronavirus compared with the seven days before April 14 where there were 23 positive cases of hospital-acquired coronavirus.

As the month went on, the number of people in hospital who caught coronavirus there increased with a peak of 124 in the seven days leading up to May 13. However the most recent data suggests we are now past the peak of the spring circulation of the virus with just 54 people having confirmed hospital-acquired coronavirus in the seven days up to June 2.

Public Health Wales publishes weekly data relating to the number of coronavirus cases in Welsh hospitals. The cases are broken down into three categories that are all hospital-confirmed cases of coronavirus. The categories are community-acquired, hospital-acquired, and indeterminate acquisition. For the latest health and Covid news sign up to our newsletter here.

Where people have acquired coronavirus, in the week up to June 2, resulting in hospitalisation:

  • Community-acquired: 27

  • Hospital-acquired: 54

  • Unknown acquisition: 4

Latest Covid symptoms 2024

According to the NHS the following are the most common symptoms of Covid:

  • a high temperature or shivering/chills

  • a new continuous cough

  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

  • shortness of breath

  • fatigue or exhaustion

  • aching body

  • a headache

  • sort throat

  • blocked or runny nose

  • loss of appetite

  • diarrhoea

  • feeling sick or being sick