Curry house staff claim diners threatened to "beat them up" to avoid paying a £90 dinner tab

Shocking footage shows a blonde female diner’s card being declined yesterday (Sun) after she ordered four curries, eight sides and six drinks with two dark-haired men.

And when she went to settle her bill at the cashpoint machine at Namji, Milton Keynes, staff allege one of her companions threatened to attack them before he fled with her.

Restaurant Owner Naseem Khan, 44, was in the kitchen when the disturbance unfolded, and when she tried to find the diners in the car park, they were nowhere to be seen.

This is the second recent incident that Naseem - dubbed the "Queen of Curry" due to her work with homeless people - has dealt with from dine and dash customers.

In October, she released footage of a woman who allegedly inserted a piece of plastic from her bra into her food before storming out without paying her family’s £170 bill.

And following the latest occasion, she said she wanted to “scream and cry” with rage.

She said: “When it happened, I was really angry. I wanted to scream and cry.

“There were customers in the restaurant. They witnessed it. I was infuriated. It was a lot of money. It’s really affected me mentally as well. I’m so angry."

Naseem, who owns two curry restaurants in Milton Keynes, Bucks., said the diners, aged in their late 20s, had come to her Xscape shopping mall site at 4 pm yesterday.

She realised there was a problem with the group after they first complained about their meal, including two tikka masalas and a Chicken Lahori Karahi, costing £92.29 in total.