Do you have a cursed car? The most common cars to crash on London roads

See what cars crash the most in London. <i>(Image: Getty)</i>
See what cars crash the most in London. (Image: Getty)

If you've been feeling like you're car is cursed recently and it isn't down to your driving, then this information may be very interesting to you.

A new survey from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has found that certain makes of cars are involved in crashes more than others.

Based on over 17,800 accidents attended by the Met Police from August 2022 to December 2022, it found five cars always seemed to be involved.

See if your car is one of the most common to be involved in a car crash in London.

The cars that crash the most on London roads revealed

5. Volkswagen

With over 1,991 crashes, the VW brand makes up for 11% of overall crashes in London during the surveyed time period.

The German manufacturer behind the Golf, Passat, Jetta and Beetle is the UK's most popular car brand with 2022 seeing more than 100,000 cars brought.

News Shopper: Do you own one of these cars?
News Shopper: Do you own one of these cars?

Do you own one of these cars? (Image: Getty)

4. Vauxhall

One of the UK's oldest manufacturers, Vauxhall, saw 2,495 crashes in London, making 14% of the total crashes.

The brand was once famed for luxury cars before moving to the mid-market offerings during the Great Depression.

3. BMW

BMW cars saw 2,808 crashes on London roads and many surveys placed BMW drivers at the top of their list for being the worst and rudest drivers on the roads.

Accounting for 15% of overall crashes in London, it might not be surprising with a luxury price tag drivers may be a bit more cautious behind the wheel of their BMW.

2. Ford

The classic Ford best known for the soon-to-be discontinued Ford Fiesta as well as the Mustang and Focus saw 3,454 crashes.

1. Mercedes-Benz

The luxury Mercedes-Benz came in at no.1 with 3,773 crashes despite being one the most reliable brands.

News Shopper:
News Shopper:

Over one in five crashes reported as part of the survey were a Mercedes meaning that a need for speed comes at an increased chance of collisions.

Automotive specialist and Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Keith Hawes said that if you are involved in an accident you should: "Stop your vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so, turning your engine off and putting your hazard lights on.

"If you are on a motorway, always pull into the hard shoulder and leave your vehicle via the side closest to the verge. Once on the verge, move as far away from the car and road as possible."

Adding: "As with all road accidents, exchange insurance details with the other parties and contact your insurance provider to start a claim."