The Cursed Child and His Dark Materials writer Jack Thorne reveals suspected coronavirus symptoms

Ellie Harrison
Jack Thorne: Rex

Jack Thorne, the Bafta-winning screenwriter and playwright, believes he has symptoms of coronavirus.

The writer, whose credits include the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play, the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials, and Channel 4’s The Virtues and National Treasure, to name a few, said he has suffered from a high temperature, cough and exhaustion.

Thorne, who has asthma, has been given a course of steroids and said his health is improving.

In his initial Twitter post on Monday (30 March), he wrote: “Seem to have Covid, which is not reacting great with my asthma. Amazing treatment from my GP over the phone, taking the time to give me all sorts of tests THEN consulting with a colleague before prescribing.

“Feel like I’ve been run over by an elephant but in total awe of the NHS.”

In an update on Wednesday, Thorne added: “Feeling better after two days of steroids. Still v tired, but the elephant has been replaced by a mountain lion. Of course it could not be Covid (wish we had Germany’s resources) in which case this is not reassuring to anyone. But, for me, at this moment, the drugs have worked.”

The lack of testing for coronavirus has been heavily criticised in recent days, with many NHS staff unable to tell if they have the disease and therefore whether they are inadvertently spreading it to patients.

Many rushed to wish Thorne a speedy recovery on Twitter, with Line of Duty writer Jed Mercurio writing: “Sorry to hear this, Jack. Wishing you a rapid recovery.”

Good Omens writer Neil Gaiman also commented: “Sending love and worried get well wishes by the bucketload.”

"Get well, mon ami," wrote His Dark Materials author Philip Pullman, while actor Josh Gad said: "Sending you lots of love brother. So grateful that you have great care."

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