High school custodian arrested after peepholes are found in girls' bathroom

Tanya Edwards
File photo of school bathroom :Shutterstock

A high school custodian was arrested in Massachusetts after it was found that “unusual structural modifications” had been made to a Northampton High School girls’ bathroom.

Police and school officials immediately began an investigation, and in a letter to parents, John Provost, the school superintendent, wrote that maintenance staff were fixing a leak when they discovered several holes in the wall between the first-floor girls bathroom and the custodians’ closet, Western Mass News reported.

“Because these unauthorized modifications raised concerns for student privacy, we immediately contacted the Northampton Police Department to investigate. We also reported the finding to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families,” Provost said in the letter.

Northampton High sophomore Kaleb Zuckerman, 15, told the New Hampshire Gazette that the school held an assembly on Thursday, explaining that there was an ongoing investigation into the matter.

“They really haven’t told us much at this point,” Zuckerman said.

“I don’t know the whole story but I do know that people feel uncomfortable about it,” said freshman Branden Dostal, 15, also interviewed by the Gazette.

Parents of students at Northampton High School say they were disgusted after learning the news.

“It appears there might have been someone spying on someone in the bathroom, so it’s kind of disturbing,” said parent David Sullivan.

Police Chief Jody Kasper told Western Mass News that on Friday, officers arrested Michael Kremensky, 22, on charges including four counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person. He had been on leave since the investigation began.

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