Customer at cash machine is handed scribbled plea for help by man stuck inside it

A customer at a cash machine saw a piece of paper emerge from the ATM’s receipt slot – and it was a scribbled note pleading for help.

The note read, ‘Please help. I’m stuck in here and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss at 210-***-****.’

The contractor accidentally locked himself inside the ATM – and then realised he had left his phone in his truck in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He realised his best hope of escape was to scribble notes asking for help – and then push them out through the machine’s receipt slot when it was in use.

Thankfully, a customer called police.

‘We come out here, and sure enough we can hear a little voice coming from the machine,” said senior officer Richard Olden.

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‘So we are thinking this is a joke. It’s got to be a joke. Everyone is OK, but you will never see this in your life, that somebody was stuck in the ATM.

‘It was just crazy.’