Customs officials seize an iPhone and gold worth over $23,431 in northern India

Customs officials recovered gold and an iPhone worth over Rs. 17 lakh (USD 23,431) in northern India's Uttar Pradesh on Friday (February 19). The incident took place at the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi. The team seized 355.65 grams (0.78 lbs) of gold and one iPhone from a woman passenger, who arrived in Varanasi from Flight Number IX 1184 from Sharjah. The authorities recovered gold worth Rs. 17 lakh (USD 23,431) and the iPhone was valued at around Rs. 74 thousand (USD 1,019). The gold foils were concealed inside the bottom of a steel flask and in the inner walls of a deodorant bottle. Along with it, 136 pieces of small nickel-coated gold rings were hidden between each pair of beads in a chain, apart from the gold ornament coated with grey metal. A few gold bangles and earrings were also retrieved. The officials seized all the items that were being smuggled from abroad in this case.