Cute alert! First baby seals of the season spotted on Norfolk beach

·1-min read

The first baby seals of the year have made an early appearance on Horsey Beach, Norfolk, marking the start of pupping season.

The mammals' pupping season typically spans from November to January.

This early spotting coincides with seal protection charity Friends of Horsey Seals' estimation that this year's count could be higher than previous years due to COVID-19 restrictions disrupting the counting.

Jane Bowden, a warden and trustee for the charity, explained: "We suspended counting when the COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible for our counters, so we don't have a complete figure this year."

Last season saw more than 2,000 grey seal births on Horsey Beach in January 2021.

Volunteers have been watching over the new fluffy faces, keeping them safe and ensuring that visitors are not getting too close.

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