Cute Alert: Koala Joey Peeps Out From Mum's Pouch

An adorable baby koala introduced himself to the world in early November, peeping his head out from his mum’s pouch at Healesville Santuary, Victoria, for the first time since his birth 6 months ago.

“When he was first born he was pink, hairless and tiny,” said koala keeper Kristy Eriksen. “We watched him make his way from the birth canal to the pouch completely unaided, relying on his already well-developed senses of smell and touch and an innate sense of direction,” Eriksen said.

The little joey began exploring outside the safety of mum’s pouch in November and was starting to build his confidence. Keepers said he would soon be riding on mum’s back and climbing trees on his own. Credit: Healesville Sanctuary / Zoos Victoria via Storyful