Cute moment some of 4,000 rescued beagles meet new parents

In this clip, some of the 4,000 beagles that have been recently removed from a breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia, US, meet their new owners. Back in May, the US Department of Justice sued the US breeder, owned by Envigo RMS, for multiple acts of animal cruelty. The facility was breeding beagles for drug experiments. Despite all allegations being denied, its parent company, Inotiv Inc, closed the facility. The pets were then given to organisations such as PETA. Humane Society claims that the dogs were living in overcrowded spaces and were fed food containing mold, maggots and feces. Government inspectors also found that the animals were put to sleep for easily treated conditions. "To know that these dogs will get to have the lives they deserve and not languish in cages for the rest of their lives is just so rewarding,” said Sue Bell, executive director of Homeward Trails. Charities and shelters that are involved in the rescue operation and adoption process have said that many dogs show signs of trauma and don't even know how to play. At least 2,000 beagles have already been adopted and now live in new homes in southern California. People who live in the Washington D.C. area can submit adoption applications on Homeward Trails’ website: