I'm going nuts in here! Sneaky squirrel behind bars after stealing snacks from bird feeder

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8 November 2012
This sneaky squirrel was caught going nuts behind bars (SWNS)

This sticky fingered squirrel got its comeuppance after being trapped in a rodent-proof bird feeder it had been stealing from.

While it appears the squirrel adequately prepared the break-in of the heavily guarded feeder, the greedy rodent hadn't sorted its getaway and it was caught red-handed.

The squirrel had managed to wriggle his way into the feeder and spent several minutes enjoying the fruits of its labour before realising it was wedged in. 

The panicking squirrel was captured on camera wriggling around trying desperately to leave the scene of the crime.

The robbing rodent had no such luck though as photographer, George Reszeter, happened to step out into his back garden in Abingdon, Oxon and caught it red-handed.

The 59-year-old said the squirrel was going nuts when it realised it had been caught in the act and sped off very quickly when it finally managed to escape.

He said: "I was just going outside to fill the feeder with more nuts when I saw the squirrel stuck inside.

"It actually ate a lot of nuts but still struggled to get out as there were so many left.

"It did manage to wriggle out though despite looking very agitated and angry.

"As soon as it escaped it ran like hell out of the garden.

"I was more surprised than anything when I saw it. I think it must have been fairly young, as an adult would have been too big to squeeze through."

Whether or not the squirrel had reformed after his time behind bars remains to be seen...

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