'How can cutting Hove Library opening hours be allowed?'

Hove Library
Hove Library

It seems only yesterday that we were battling to prevent Hove Library from being forced out of the Carnegie building and crammed into Hove Museum.

Now comes news that the shutting of Hove Library on a Saturday is under consideration.

How can this be allowed? Provision of libraries is of course a statuary obligation and to close the doors on a Saturday could be described as discrimination.

For example:

What about workers, who can only visit the library on a Saturday?

What about children, at school during the week?

What about students, needing a quiet place in which to study?

What about people wanting to use the public computers because they do not own


Unfortunately, there is a tendency for management to regard Hove Library as a mere branch library rather than its true position as the main library for Hove.

I do not notice any closures proposed for Jubilee Library. The two libraries ought to be treated as equals.

Judy Middleton

Mile Oak Gardens