Cyclist who hit yoga teacher who stepped into the road while staring at her phone handed £60k court bill

Tristan Kirk
Robert Hazeldean set up a gofundme page to raise money for his legal costs

A cyclist who knocked over a yoga teacher after she stepped into the road while staring at her mobile phone has been handed a £60,000 court bill.


Robert Hazeldean collided with City worker Gemma Brushett as she crossed the road near London Bridge, knocking the 28-year-old unconscious and leaving her with damage to her front teeth and facial scars.

While Ms Brushett sued for damages over the July 2015 crash, Mr Hazeldean – who was also knocked out and hurt - did not launch his own legal claim.

A court heard Ms Brushett was looking at her mobile phone when she stepped into the road, noticing Mr Hazeldean at the last minute as he shouted and sounded a horn.

However she dodged backwards into the same place that the cyclist was swerving to try to avoid a collision.


Robert Hazeldean outside London's High Court (Champion News)

A judge found they were "equally to blame" but as Ms Brushett was the only one suing she was awarded £4,161.79 in damages.

Judge Shanti Mauger, sitting at Central London county court, has now ruled Mr Hazeldean must cover Ms Brushett's £30,000 legal bill, adding to £25,000 of costs on his own.

Yoga teacher Gemma Brushett outside London's High Court. (Champion News)


Following the controversial compensation ruling, cyclists rushed to get insurance and a fundraising campaign was launched to cover Mr Hazeldean’s legal bills.

He had said surplus funds would go to international women's charity Action Aid UK, but said yesterday that nothing would be left after the costs bill is dealt with.

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