Woman Narrowly Escapes as Truck Cuts Corner and Collides With Her Bike

A New Zealand cyclist had to act quickly on April 16 and jump off her bike just seconds before a truck collided with it after cutting a corner. drove towards her on April 16, in Taupo, New Zealand.

A camera mounted to the woman’s bike recorded the shocking incident, in Taupo.

“Hey, stop!” the woman can be heard yelling as the truck approaches and she jumps out of the away.

Jeff Lim, the cyclist’s husband, wrote in a YouTube caption that his wife escaped with only bruises and bumps.

A local newspaper reported the truck driver had been “stood down” and an investigation had been launched following the incident.

Lim wrote on the YouTube page that he posted the video to “raise awareness for everyone driving to share the road carefully and to look out for cyclists.” Credit: Jeff Lim via Storyful