Should cyclists have licence plates? TV presenter who was abused by woman on bike thinks so

Robert Winston (PA)
Robert Winston (PA)

Robert Winston is calling for cyclists be issued with licence plates following a run in with an irate bike-rider.

The fertility expert and TV presenter said he was kicked and verbally abused by the woman cyclist on Wednesday after he warned her she was breaking the law by riding her bike on the pavement.

Lord Winston told The Times that she became “abusive” and tried to take his phone from him after he challenged her in Bloomsbury, central London.

He told the paper: “I went up to her and told her very politely that it was against the law to cycle on the pavement and it was dangerous.

“I thought she would apologise and walk off but she became very aggressive and was swearing… She then kicked me repeatedly.”

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The Labour peer said he saw no point in reporting the incident to the police as he had no means of identifying the woman.

He is now keen to correct this by introducing a private members’ bill forcing cyclists to have licence plates.

“The requirement for number plates would mean cyclists who are blatantly breaking the law can be identified,” he said.

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