Cygnet dies after 'swimming in oil' at Royal Quays Marina

Two swans and their three cygnets were at the centre of a rescue mission after being coated in an oil-like substance
-Credit: (Image: Elizabeth Ethrington)

A cygnet has sadly died after it was found 'swimming in oil' in North Tyneside.

Two swans and their three cygnets have been at the centre of an extensive rescue mission at Royal Quays Marina, in North Shields, this week after they were seen surrounded by an oil-like substance in the water. Images taken during the rescue shows an oily trail leaking off their feathers which had become coated in the substance.

It was feared that the birds would be ingesting it and were at risk of becoming ill. And despite being pulled from the water, on Wednesday one of the cygnets sadly passed away.

Members of Blyth Wildlife Rescue used kayaks to reach the swans - named Daisy and Marvin - and their one-week-old cygnets. Although Marvin proved difficult to rescue from the water, Daisy and the cygnets were rescued and taken to be cleaned and treated.

The two remaining cygnets and Daisy are said to be making a good recovery. It has been suggested that they will be moved to a safer site when they are ready to be released.

Elizabeth Ethrington, who supported the rescue efforts, described the incident as a "horrendous" and "very sad situation". She said: "This is horrendous - they've been in that water and ingesting the oil. There haven't been any cygnets here for years and it was so lovely to see them back.

"The community had been keeping an eye on them and we'd found a little island on the marina that we were going to do up. It was a happy ending. I can't believe we'd come this far just for there to be an oil spill. The whole community is up in arms, we're that upset."