Czech flooding: Aerial video shows chaos of flooded industrial city

As low-lying towns in southern Germany, Czech Republic and Austria continue to battle last week's catastrophic flooding, this video shows the extent of the devastation in one Czech city.

Houses were evacuated this week in Usti nad Labem, an industrial city in the northern Czech Republic.

The River Elbe, which runs through the city, burst its banks during last week's flooding, causing problems
for homeowners and businesses along the river and further inland.

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The most vulnerable parts of Usti nad Labem have been sandbagged, after metal flood barriers were hurriedly put in place earlier this week.

This aerial video, shot from a gyrocopter, gives a birds-eye view of the swathes of water which have crept inland in Usti and Labem.

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The camera swoops close in to flooded cobbled streets, before panning back into the air.

It is thought the video was shot at the end of last week, where water levels had reached halfway up shop fronts and the bridges over the Elbe were only inches above the water line.

More pictures of the flooding chaos across central Europe:

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