‘You’d have to ask him’: Louis Tomlinson claims he’s unsure whether he’s friends with Zayn Malik

‘You’d have to ask him’: Louis Tomlinson claims he’s unsure whether he’s friends with Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson has admitted that he doesn’t know whether he’s still friends with former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik.

While being interviewed on the The Zach Sang Show on YouTube, Tomlinson was questioned about his relationship with the other singer.

The pair previously got into a row on Twitter following Malik’s decision to leave the group back in 2015.

Asked if the pair were still friends, Tomlinson said: "You’d have to ask him.”

"I could be wrong, but I believe I said, when you asked me a similar question [last time]... I believe I said I don’t think I’m mature enough to get over what’s frustrated me in that relationship," he said referring to his position on the friendship when previously asked.

However Tomlinson said that he was “closer” to being “over ‘’ the problems than he had been through before.

"I don’t know if I’m mature enough now, but I’m definitely closer to being over all that,” he said.

Tomlinson also said that he’s tried to get in touch with his former bandmate over the last few year, but that it’s “been hard”.

"There’s been numerous times over the last couple of years where I’ve thought about him and hoped he’s alright," he said, adding "I definitely wish him well”.

However the 30-year-old said that it might be possible for them to rekindle a friendship in time.

"I think we just have to bump into each other ‘cause neither of us have each other’s number. I suppose maybe social media might be the way," he said, although he added that he knew him “too well” to direct message him.

Malik has recently shared One Direction covers of 2014’s “Night Changes” and “You and I” online, which Tomlinson has liked online. “For me, in those videos, it showed he was reflecting,” the singer said.

“It showed he was thinking about those times. Of course, at the same time, showing off his incredible voice. That’s why it made me feel good ‘cause it was like, ‘Ah maybe you’re thinking about good times in the band’.”