D-Day 80th anniversary set to be commemorated in Stafford Borough towns

Stone High Street
-Credit: (Image: Google Street View)

The 80th anniversary of D-Day will be commemorated with events in Stafford and Stone next month. June 6 1944 saw the largest seaborne invasion in history, when Allied forces landed at Normandy during the Second World War.

Stafford Borough Council and Stone Town Council will both be marking the anniversary on Thursday, June 6. In Stafford there will be an event in Victoria Park, featuring performances from local singers, poets, choirs and dancers, followed by a beacon lighting ceremony at 9pm.

Stone Town Council also hopes to light a beacon in the evening to mark the occasion, members heard at their meeting on Tuesday. There will also be a short service earlier in the day, with the D-Day flag being raised at the flagpole at the top of the High Street at 11am.

Councillor Jim Davies, who has been involved in organising the town's commemoration, said: "This is not a celebration - it's not VE Day or a jubilee - it's really a poignant day.

"From the town's point of view we come from the right level of commemoration. It has to be a mix of celebration we got to this stage of the Second World War and commemoration of the men of the town who gave their lives."

A second event will take place at the flagpole on Sunday, June 9, to remember the six men from Stone who lost their lives in the Normandy campaign, also known as Operation Overlord. They were W J Silvester, F Spencer, G E Handy, H Cartwright, H S Bratton-Brown and R Brassington.

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