Dad of Britain's biggest family shares house update and confesses he 'absolutely hates it'

Noel Radford has confessed he 'absolutely hates it', as Britain's largest family gave fans an update on their home renovations. The Radford family have been keeping fans in the loop since moving into their 10-bedroom mansion in Morecambe last year.

Sue and Noel Radford, the stars of '22 Kids and Counting' have been sharing updates on their YouTube channel, showing off their progress as they redecorate their entire abode. Sue, 49, alongside her 53-year-old husband Noel, posted a new YouTube video capturing day two of their decorating adventure, they boasted the freshly finished kids' bedrooms and an upstairs corridor, reports the Mirror.

The couple's next challenge is the ground floor, with Noel confessing his dread for a particular task ahead. "Which I absolutely hate, can't stand glossing," he confessed to viewers.

"You're just painting forever and don't seem to be getting anywhere do you, but anyway, it's got to be done so I'll have to do that at some point." The father-of-22 then presented an array of paint samples they were considering for the kitchen, finally opting for a sage green hue.

"We've used it for years especially all the walls, in the hallway, in the kitchen and place like that with all the kids' sticky fingers and things like that," Noel shared. The pair encountered a cheeky snag in the dining room revamp, opting for a chic grey tone.

Sue took a risk on an eye-catching patterned wallpaper for a feature wall, yet the makeover hit a hiccup when they attempted to layer it over existing wallpaper. "We've had a bit of a disaster, uh, the paper underneath started coming off when we put this paper on," Noel disclosed.

Sue and Noel have been decorating their new home ( Image: youtube/@TheRadfordFamily22) -Credit:youtube/@TheRadfordFamily22
Sue and Noel have been decorating their new home ( Image: youtube/@TheRadfordFamily22) -Credit:youtube/@TheRadfordFamily22

"We thought we'd get away with it but it's not working so we're having to take all this off quickly." After working out their blunder, Noel and Sue proudly paraded the spruced-up quarters in their abode.

Sue then joked that additional "different bits of colour" were on the horizon. Their impressive 10-bedroom abode, once a care home, sprawls across four generous levels.

Amidst the Radford clan of 22, most of the family bunk together. The brood's pad is also kitted out with its very own pub, comes with a lavish £27,000 swimming pool, and even features an al fresco cinema. Earlier this year, viewers saw how Sue and Noel were forced to kick out five of their children when they relocated to the countryside.

The parents of Britain's biggest family lived in a Victorian home in Morecambe, Lancashire for 11 years. They had attempted to sell the house three years ago but were unable to get the price they wanted.

Financial strains forced them to stay put, yet things have now changed for the family. The pair admitted they are now doing much better financially thanks to TV and social media deals.

It allowed them to purchase a bigger and more secluded house in the country. Sue and Noel also wanted to leave their old home after fans of their show turned up on their doorstep. They had people taking photos of their home as well as wandering into their garden.

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