Dad 'chased out of KFC' after leaving note on table

YouTuber Kirk Johnstone from Ellesmere Port
-Credit: (Image: Kirk Johnstone)

A dad was “chased” out of his local KFC after writing a note on the back of a receipt and leaving it on his table.

Kirk Johnstone, from Ellesmere Port, said he was “chased” by a worker out of the fast food chain - but not for the reasons you would assume.

The 37-year-old was at the Cheshire Oaks retail park venue, not far from his home. There, he saw a worker named Lynne, who had noticed his visits. The dad-of-four explained how he always sees Lynne "putting up with people's rudeness, constantly cleaning and just generally never stopping".

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Kirk told the ECHO: “I’ve been there a few times because it is right around the corner from me. Every time I’ve been there, Lynne is there and she just never stops. She is being pulled in every direction and keeps the store immaculate.

“She greets everyone every time they come in and greets them as they leave - she is just amazing. She is running about cleaning, taking care of the food, and getting shouted at from all the workers. You can just tell that she is a reliable and incredible woman.”

Kirk, a YouTuber, said the last time he was at the Kinsey Road venue, someone rang to say they had misplaced their phone. After hearing this, without missing a beat, Lynne searched through every bin in the store to make sure they hadn’t accidentally binned it with their rubbish.

The note left by Kirk Johnstone for KFC worker Lynne
The note left by Kirk Johnstone for KFC worker Lynne -Credit:Kirk Johnstone

The plasterer said: “Fair play to Lynne, no one expected her to do that or asked her, she just did it herself. I was so impressed by how hard she was working. The fast-food industry is a hard one to work in with the constant abuse but Lynne is still here grafting hard every day.”

Kirk wanted Lynne to know her effort and enthusiasm wasn't going unnoticed by customers, so he left her a note with a few kind words on it and a tip.

He added: “We watched her from outside the window to make sure she got it and when she did she came running out after us. She kept saying: ‘You can’t give me that’, but I told her I wanted her to have it. She gave us a big hug and it was just lovely and heartwarming to see that. She never stops that lady.”

A KFC spokesperson said they couldn't "be prouder to have Lynne" on their team. They added: "Our team members are the heart and soul of every coop up and down the country – and our Cheshire Oaks restaurant is no different.

"Lynne is one of our best roosters, having made a huge impact not just at KFC, but to all our fans in the local area thanks to her outstanding work ethic, compassion and determination.

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