Dad Melts Hearts By Getting A Soaking As He Protects Son From The Rain

This heartwarming picture of a father selflessly sheltering his son from the rain while he gets soaked himself has seen him labelled the ‘best dad ever’.

The image, posted onto Reddit, shows a businessman drenched to his bare skin as the rain lashes down - but he holds an umbrella able his young son’s head to stop him getting wet.

Captioned ‘Dads’, the picture - that is believed to have been taken in Vancouver, Canada - has gone viral on social media, with more than three million views since it was first put up.

One emotional user wrote: “Oh my god, it’s 2:00 in the morning, and I’m getting all teary eyed on the toilet. This is not the way to start my day.”

Another added: “I shed a tear or two while watching emotional movies.

“But this time I was covering my mouth to not break into a full on weeping.”

Other dads around the world related to the picture and shared their own similar experiences.

One wrote: “I have done this before for my two kids.

“I entered the doctor’s office completely soaking wet and they entered relatively dry.

“Only had one smallish umbrella with us.

“It sucked but at least they stayed dry and didn’t have to sit cold and wet.

Commenters praised the dad for putting the child before his own comfort, although some think the pair could have both stayed dry.

One user wrote: “You put the kid on your shoulders and have him hold the umbrella.”

Pics: Reddit/jagershotzz