Dad Pranks Son Struggling to Carry Big Bag of Dog Food

A young boy blinked in disbelief as his muscle-bound father offered to help him while he carried a large bag of dog food – only to see his dad pluck a lightweight bag of chips from his hand.

Tyler Okay pulled the prank on one of his sons as the family was leaving the grocery store last month.

Footage Okay posted to TikTok shows two boys walking in a parking lot carrying a bag of dog food and a few snacks.

“Wait here. Hold on, I got it,” the father can be heard saying to one of his sons, who then turns around so that his dad can give him a hand.

“I implied that I was going to help my struggling son carry the heavy dog food bag but only helped him out by taking a light bag of chips from his hand,” Okay told Storyful.

The kid then stares in disbelief at his dad, who walks away while laughing.

The elder Okay is a fitness enthusiast who has posted videos of his impressive weight-lifting routine, making the scenario all the more galling for the boy. Credit: OkayFam/TikTok via Storyful

Video transcript

You are welcome.


Hum here, hold on.

I got it here.

OK, Mr Park in here.

Hold on.

I got it here.

OK, use a vehicle.

Clark, Hum Here, hold on.

I got it here.

OK, you are welcome, chum.

Here, hold on.

I got it here, OK?