Dad who was testing his new phone stunned when he films bizarre egg-shaped UFO

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A dad-of-three was stunned when he was testing out his new smart phone and captured a UFO in the shape of a fried egg hovering over his home.

The bizarre footage shows the bright circular white and yellow disc-like object whiz across the sky before flipping over onto its back.

David Whittall was playing with his new Samsung phone when wife Becky, 51, spotted the flying saucer over their house in Spetchley, Worcs., on Saturday (1/5) morning.

David, 53, a technical manager at an electronics company, said: "Becky was having a cup of tea in the garden when she shouted 'What on earth is that! 

"'I've never seen anything like that before'. 

"I was inside working out how to use my new mobile and I dashed outside to see what she'd seen.

"This weird object was just over our heads and it was difficult to estimate the height, but I'd say the diameter was five to six metres. 

"I initially thought it was a weather balloon or a drone but it was far too big for that and wasn't making any noise. 

"I would describe the shape as a daisy or a fried egg and it looked completely flat. 

"It had six segments making a circle with another circle in the middle. 

"It was moving from vertical to horizontal and back again in a rhythmic way, nothing like a balloon would move. 

"It was too regimented. 

"In some pictures I've zoomed in with my Samsung 100 times lens, but in others you can see the size of it against the sky. 

"We are on the flight path to RAF Fairford so we do get military planes coming over, but I've never seen anything like this before.

"It could be a new military prototype. 

"I'm not sure it's aliens and I don't really believe in UFOs but technically it's a UFO because it's unidentified and flying. 

"I looked down at my phone to check the photos for a few seconds and then it suddenly disappeared. 

"I couldn't find it again and don't know where it went. 

"In the five minutes we observed it reached Malvern which is about seven miles to the south, which shows how slowly it was travelling. 

"It was really odd and one of the weirdest things I've seen. 

"I have put the photos into an app called Google Lens to see if it was a weather balloon but all it matched with were UFO sightings. 

"I couldn't find anyone online who had seen it. 

"When I sent a photo to my son he replied that he'd seen over St John's at a similar time about four miles away.

"I think it's really interesting and would love to find out if anyone else has seen it and knows what it is."