Dad tries to shower his kids in snow, but the prank backfires

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This is the moment a dad tried to cover his kids in snow from the top of his gazebo - only for it to completely collapse on top of him.

Daniel Campbell, 34, tried to scrape off a bit of snow that had settled on the roof of the structure onto his kids Kacey, 15, Finley, 10, and Nate, seven, while wife Lucy, 34, filmed.

But after failing to give them the shower he desired, his plan backfired and the gazebo collapsed on his head, leaving the whole family in hysterics.

The mum-of-three, who owns a cafe, said: "We knew there would be fresh snow as the café had been locked up, and my husband told me to start filming because he wanted to bash all the snow off the gazebo onto the kids!

"He was trying to prank the kids but it obviously backfired!

"I stopped laughing for a bit because I didn't know if he was ok, but when he crawled out from under the gazebo I carried on!"

The gazebo in Wolverhampton was used to shelter customers whilst they wait for their takeaway orders, but sadly did not survive the hijinks by construction company owner Daniel.

Lucy said: "We have to go and buy an emergency one tomorrow before the café opens up!"

The Black Country saw two inches of snow overnight on December 27 and the clip was filmed the next day.