Dad-of-two transforms Stoke end-terrace with 'massive dip' in living room to bag hefty profit

-Credit: (Image: BBC)
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

A dad-of-two bagged himself a hefty profit after completely transforming a three-bedroom end-terrace in Stoke. Local developer Adam, who had lived in the same street as the property for a number of years, featured in today's episode of BBC daytime show Homes under the Hammer.

Presenter Dion Dublin was sent to look at the house which had a guide price of £70,000 to £75,000. "As kerb appeal goes, it needs a bit of help but you have got off-street parking," he tells viewers.

After entering the property, he quickly comes across a major issue in the living room. "I can actually see that the lounge has got a massive dip in it here," he says.

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"I'm sort of in a dip. It's sort of dropped. I'm back up here to normal level and there's another big dip here as well.

"So you've got two huge bows in the floor. This floor areas completely gone." Dion then points out two areas of damp either side of the chimney breast.

"I'm pretty sure that's got into the timbers and completely destroyed them," he explains. "The flooring needs to be sorted. Once that's done - good size. Good window, loads of light. But get the flooring done ASAP."

Dion then gets a real surprise when he walks into the next room. "Oh wow, this is a good sized kitchen and it looks in good condition I've got to say," he says.

"A lot of this I think you'd be able to keep. Tweaks in the kitchen that's all you need."

Dion then finds a downstairs toilet containing what appears to be a recently-fitted boiler. "You might save yourself a few quid on keeping the boiler but I'd want to check everything," he says. "There's not an awful lot down here that's worrying me which is good news!"

Local property developer Adam
Local property developer Adam

Upstairs, Dion finds a "good-sized bathroom" which doesn't necessarily need changing if the budget is tight, he tells viewers. He says the bedrooms just require cleaning and redecorating although he finds that the main bedroom has been split into two with a false wall put in place.

"This bedroom is a good size, it's fine, but that (the smallest room) for me is not a bedroom," reckons Dion. "It's more of an office, a nursery at a pull. But the whole of upstairs is not in bad condition at all. It needs decorating. No major issues for me."

Despite being "completely overgrown", Dion was taken aback by the size of the back garden and its potential. "That is impressive," he tells viewers. "I think that is a good project to get hold of."

Local property developer Adam successful bid £85,000 in July last year to secure the property. He tells Dion: "I used to live down the street, six doors down. With having sold it last year, I knew roughly what I'd be able to get for this house fully renovated and it was a bit of nostalgia too!"

The living room before the renovation -Credit:BBC
The living room before the renovation -Credit:BBC

He set himself a budget of £17,000 to £20,000 and expected to finish the work within four to five months "I do all the work myself other than the electrics and gas," he reveals.

In terms of the bowing lounge floor, Adam plans to rip it all up and put in new joists. He also plans to put in a new kitchen and bathroom.

On top of that - much to Dion's dismay - he is also looking at possibly removing the downstairs toilet to make a bigger kitchen. The BBC cameras returned to the property 16 weeks later.

The living room floor has been fixed and completely transformed, while the kitchen and bathroom have been modernised to a high standard. The downstairs toilet remained but a more energy efficient boiler was fitted.

The new-look living room -Credit:BBC
The new-look living room -Credit:BBC

The front and back garden was also transformed - with Adam managing to stay in budget by spending just over £19,000. It took the overall spend to £104,000.

Adam planned to sell the property. With that in mind, Homes under the Hammer sent in an online estate agent who valued the house at £140,000 to £145,000.

"That's a little bit lower than I expected," admitted Adam, who was planning to put it on the market for offers in excess of £150,000. Achieving that would give him a very impressive pre-tax profit of £46,000.

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