Dad wears same shirt for 20 years and his daughter has just found out the heartbreaking reason why

One of the pictures that revealed the secret behind the shirt (Twitter/@922_riaru)
One of the pictures that revealed the secret behind the shirt (Twitter/@922_riaru)

A daughter upset at her father for wearing the same polo shirt for 20 years has finally found out the reason why – and it is melting hearts everywhere.

Ria, 24, discovered that her father was wearing the old, green shirt in homage to her mother who died 18 years ago.

Proving that it’s not just Hollywood stars who have the best romantic stories, Japanese-born Ria made the discovery after finding old photographs as she cleared her grandfather’s home following his death.

She discovered snaps of her parents on their honeymoon – and her father was in the very same shirt.

A Twitter user, she then shared this on social media, prompting online users to admit the tale had broken their hearts too.

Ria discovered pictures of the pair, apparently in Venice, and suddenly his devotion to his shirt made perfect sense, she told online users.


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‘I wondered why he kept on wearing that old polo shirt,’ she said.

‘Why didn’t he just buy a new one? I never imagined that the polo shirt would contain such a special memory for him,’ she told Buzzfeed News.

Ria showed her devoted father still wearing the same shirt (Twitter/@922_riaru)
Ria showed her devoted father still wearing the same shirt (Twitter/@922_riaru)

After her father’s heartwarming story gripped the interenet, Ria gave more details to her followers.

‘Even if there was a hole he would sew it by hand himself,’ she said.

‘He wears it for any special occasion, be it a work study event or a trip out with the family.’

She also pointed out her love-struck father has never remarried, instead devoting himself to raising Ria and her younger brother.

Ria’s parents on honeymoon (Twitter/@922_riaru)
Ria’s parents on honeymoon (Twitter/@922_riaru)

Thousands responded to Ria’s heartbreaking story with praise, some even claiming they cried when they read the story.

And she admitted she was shocked – as she was initially complaining about why her father always wore the same shirt.

‘I am surprised by everyone’s reaction as my first tweet was about a disgusting father who continues to wear the same clothes forever,’ said Ria.