Dad Writes Hilarious Letters Excusing His Kids For Always Being Late For School

It’s hard enough making excuses for one chronically late child – but what happens when you have five of them?

This dad is sick and tired of writing the same letter of apology each time one of his kids is too lazy to get out of bed in the morning.

Instead, he’s decided to be more inventive – fabricating witty excuses, drawing in references to politics, popular culture and history.

Seth King, from Salt Lake City, Utah, posts his hilarious letters online to excuse the lateness of Isabella, 15; Carson, 13; Sophia, 10; Nolan, six; and Liam, three.


Describing himself as “just a dad with good handwriting”, his laugh-out-loud notes have gone viral since he started posting them on Instagram as @latenotes.

One example sees him apologising on behalf of Nolan, who is supposed to have found his dad’s copy of ‘Straight Outta Compton’ by gangster rappers NWA. “We had to have a frank discussion [about] ‘school appropriate’ and ‘school inappropriate’ words,” he writes.

Another sees Carson late for school after staying up to watch the first Republican presidential candidate debate and sharing his observations ([“Trump’s hair was nicely combed over even if the issues weren’t”].


Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction also makes an appearance, while Isabella is late after spending too much time debating with Star Wars fanatics online following the release of The Force Awakens trailer.

Isabella, who appears to be the worst offender, is also late after working on her line of “socially minded animal clothing.”

Speaking to Today, King said: “I was getting bored with writing the same old excuse note, and it got to a point where I also wanted my kids to understand the shame they should be feeling for being tardy and putting on-time attendance at their school as a second-tier priority.”

See the entire collection here.


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