'Dad's Gonna Kill Me': Little Girl Dancing to Frozen Discovers Burning Air Fryer

Home security footage captured a little girl in Jacksonville, Florida, discovering her family’s air fryer in flames as she was dancing to music from Frozen on June 25.

In this footage, smoke fills the house as four-year-old Amelia appears to re-enact a scene from the Disney hit in the living room. However, upon spotting the flames in kitchen, she exclaims, “Dad’s gonna kill me,” and runs to get her Dad.

“She ran into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth getting ready to go out to dinner with my wife,” Daniel Jermyn told Storyful. “She was telling me, ‘Daddy, you have to come look at this.’ She was making fire motions with her arms [but] at the time I had no idea what she was doing.”

When Jermyn saw the fire, he jumped into action, first looking for the fire extinguisher, which had been moved.

“The most logical idea was to get the fire outside,” he said. “I took the air fryer and threw it into the pool.”

In the video, after removing flaming appliance with his bare hands, Jermyn douses the remaining flames using a glass and tap water. Credit: Daniel Jermyn via Storyful

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