'I've always lived life to the full': Great-great-great-grandmother Daisy Borrill celebrates 105th birthday

Sprightly Daisy, who turned 105 at the weekend, put her longevity down to a love of 'hunks in trunks' calendars'

A centenarian celebrating her 105th birthday has put her remarkable longevity down to her love of 'hunks in trunks' calendars.

Sprightly Daisy Borrill, who celebrated the milestone at the weekend, is a great-great-great-grandmother who still has a soft spot for burly men in trunks.

She has now received her sixth birthday card from the Queen, having been congratulated on her 100th birthday, and every year since.

Daisy, who celebrated her birthday with four younger generations of her family, said she has 'always been busy and lived life to the full'.

The retired seamstress, from Grimsby, Lincs, said: "I have always kept up with the latest fashions, and as I don't get out much these days, I enjoy reading the fashion magazines.

Centenarian Daisy has now received six birthday cards from the Queen (Caters)

"I do like flicking through the men's fashion pages too."

"I like my calendars - the man in this one is nearly nude! I like his little trunks."

Yesterday Daisy was the toast of her relatives, including daughter Pam Palmer, 73, granddaughter Sue Hunter, 49, and great-granddaughter Petrina Borrill, 34. She also has a great-grandson Luke Wattam, 29, who has a daughter Lotte, 3.

Pam said: "Mum has always had a musical ear. She could go to the cinema and come home and play the music from the movie.

"She always enjoys herself.

"She is always good fun and lives life to the full."